Richard Cornforth

Richard Cornforth began investigating the American Court system in 1986. By 1997, Richard had become a battle-hardened, seasoned veteran of the Courts including having a favorable published authority in his name, introducing a new theory of indemnity that resulted in many class action lawsuits with huge payouts, and even assisting a friend in obtaining habeas relief from the United States Supreme Court.

In early 2001, Richard began his Secrets of the Legal Industry Series which led to 78 seminars, sixteen mini-schools instructional in law, a dozen books, and four video series, all instructional on how to be a savvy and successful litigator.

Richard as a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma and the American College at Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Cornforth brings a wealth of experience that punctuates his formal training with years of personally witnessing court corruption and having the ability to do something about it.

Many of Cornforth’s students have become successful navigators winning their own lawsuits. Cornforth’s mission is intended to enhance the law consuming public’s legal knowledge and to empower people in defending their selves against unlawful attempts to take their money and property away. Knowledge is power and the lack of it or what you don’t know, does hurt you when it has to do with the legal industry. Cornforth’s curriculum shows you what to look for and how to mount a successful defense supported by DVD videos, manuals, notes, pleading libraries and workbook supporting the “Secrets of the Legal Industry Four.”

All materials are based on court rulings throughout America and illustrated how to be successful in court arguing against bar-licensed attorneys and even giant law firms. Now you can acquire any of our books or videos “INDIVIDUALLY” (CLICK HERE) or our “ALL NEW ONLINE VIDEO MODULE SERIES PACKAGES.” (CLICK HERE) OR: CONTACT ME AT RICHARDCORNFORTH@AOL.COM – TO CONFIRM YOUR ORDER REQUESTS.